December 8, 2012 Mark

  • The Falconer -Jo Quail

    Jo Quail plays a Starfish electric cello and uses Boss RC50 and GT10B pedals to create and perform her music. ‘The Falconer’ is a track

    from Jo’s forthcoming solo album. From a sparse rhythmic opening the falconer’s theme builds, around which the music steadily develops

    using loops and effects.

  • REDEMPTION – Andrew Mann

    This is the first single from Andrew Mann’s debut album “Hidden In Plain Sight”. Andrew writes and sings from the heart and his sound

    is a blend of anthemic rock dynamics mixed with passionate Irish soul. This is music for the head as well as the heart.

  • R.O.A.D. – Molan Spectrum

    A strange one this. Slapstick angry divorce drum and bass track.

  • DEADline

    Incredible frantic man caught up in a typing frenzy desperate to meet a target…. With a few interruptions.

    Taking a break from an edit project, we decided to exercise a commonly seen reverse stabilisation technique and employ it in this video.

    This method has a multitude of applications.

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